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We surveyed more than 100 individuals about their workplace reporting options - here's what we found

We recently surveyed more than 100 individuals about the options available to them at work to make anonymous reports and the results were quite interesting. We'll be doing a deeper dive into the details in the near future, but below is a quick summary of the results of our survey.

1. ~27% of individuals were not comfortable discussing sensitive issues with their HR department and preferred different reporting options.

2. ~51% of individuals were comfortable discussing sensitive issues with HR, but still wanted the option to report anonymously.

3. More than a third of the individuals polled would "greatly appreciate more workplace reporting options and feel that more reporting options would improve workplace culture".

4. More than 75% of those surveyed stated that they prefer digital reporting tools (similar to email & text inputs) to traditional telephone reporting systems. But, less than 5% of respondents actually had access to digital reporting tools.

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