Frequently asked questions

Is Open Ears secure?

At Open Ears we're accounting and fraud experts and we truly appreciate and understand the need for business information security. We only accept customer payments through Wix, a cloud-based web development platform with over 34 million registered users, and Stripe, one of the top payment processors in the world, used by millions of businesses worldwide. Our tip reporting systems are segregated from our payment processing systems with the tip reporting system hosted on DigitalOcean, the second largest web hosting company in the world. This segregation of processes does mean that your account activation is not immediate upon payment (note that we do strive to process and complete all account activation requests within 24 hours) but this segregation greatly enhances the security of your information. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions about the security of your information. We truly understand the need for security and hope to be an important component of your overall business security system. For further information about security specific to our service providers see the links below: 1. Security of Wix's Billing Services and PCI Compliance: 2. Customer Security in Wix Stores: 3. Security at Stripe?: 3. DigitalOcean data security:

Does Open Ears offer a telephone hotline?

At Open Ears we believe that the online provision of anonymous tips is more secure, less prone to miscommunication, easier and less expensive to implement, more dynamic, and less intimidating than traditional telephone based systems. Give the prevelance of digital communication methods like email and texting, we believe that our systems will be easy and intuitive for virtually all employees. And having a singular process for tip provision, instead of multiple channels, means the process is easier to explain and easier to remember. Because of these reasons Open Ears solely provides online tip provision services.

Does Open Ears have an app?

We do not have a specific Open Ears iPhone or Android app, but our tip submission forms are easily viewable and usable in any smartphone or tablet without the need for an app. Not having an app means tip reporters don't have to worry about their iPhone or Android download somehow being traced back to them and compromising their anonymity. The back-end account portal is accessible from a smartphone or tablet, but we recommend viewing the back-end system on a normal computer (laptop or desktop) to best view and utilize the system's functionality.

Why would I want a whistleblower system?

More than 20 years of analysis by the world's largest anti fraud organization indicates that if you don't have a whistlblower system in place, your system of internal controls is not strong. Tips are, by far, the #1 fraud detection method, and having a mechanism to collect those tips is essential in protecting your organization from the damaging effects of fraud. Furthermore, experts have shown that sexual harassment training is not effective in the prevention of harassment. The experts say that to stop harassment, you need to change culture and encourage reporting - in other words, you need a reporting mechanism like Open Ears! If you want to protect your people and your profits, you want a whistleblower system.